Nestor Alvisa
A couple taking a selfie on their pathfinder boat.

The Pathfinder 27 is a big boat that can not only handle fishing shallow water while fully loaded with clients and gear, but also has the capability to run offshore in comfort that same day. You have the fuel capacity for any long run, livewell space to carry all the bait that you want and all the storage capacity you’ll ever need. The Pathfinder 27 Open is truly your all around fishing machine! As a full time charter captain who guides out of Miami, Flamingo and The Florida Keys, this boat allows me to offer both inshore and offshore charters. The Pathfinder 27’s overall fishability, ride and comfort level is exceptional and like no other.
- Nestor Alvisa, Miami, FL

Krieger W. Brasseale
A couple taking a selfie on their pathfinder boat.

My son and I went out Tarpon fishing in St.Petesburg Florida last week on the Pathfinder we just purchased from our good friend Jason Tripp. We could not be any happier with our 2300 HPS. These pictures were from the first tarpon trip we were able to enjoy out of it. Fathers Day came early!! Thank you for making such an amazing product. We look forward to many more father/son and family fishing trips out of it!

- Krieger W. Brasseale, St. Petesburg, FL

Zach Crane

Maverick Boat Group’s 2005 TRS Pathfinder is one of the top-notch vessels that are out there. I had the luxury of owning this particular boat. This boat was very versatile in every aspect that I used it for, which was fishing, fun, family time, and leisure. No matter what adventure I was taking this boat out for that particular day, it performed at the highest caliber. Whether it was cutting through the chop, getting through shallow water, fishing the sod banks or pulling up to a sand bar, she got the job done. I did a lot of back bay plugging for striper against the sod banks using the trolling motor as well as back bay flounder fishing and even was able to bring it out front in the ocean to do some successful Cobia and Mahi fishing. Whether you are fishing or cruising, the 2005 TRS Pathfinder is a very stable platform across the board which not only made you feel safe and stable but also made for a very comfortable ride. There is ample storage throughout the entire vessel for all your fishing gear, safety gear and best of all, plenty of room to store any gear needed to enjoy water activities. Now, we cannot forget about the live wells. There were two live wells on the particular boat that I had which made it easy whether you were fishing the front or the back to grab your live bait and flip it to your target. The two rear seats were a game-changer when we had more than 2 people on the boat. They folded away when they were not being used and were easily accessible when needed. Not only were they comfortable, but they were also positioned perfectly for group conversation. All in all, the 2005 TRS Pathfinder that I owned was one of the best boats that I have ever owned. It handled itself like a larger vessel than it was, a true champion on the water, and never disappointed. I strongly encourage you to consider this model if you are looking for a versatile vessel for fishing, fun, family time, leisure, and more.
- Zach Crane, Somers Point, New Jersey

Brian Powers
A couple taking a selfie on their pathfinder boat.

The Pathfinder 2005 TRS is the best boat we’ve ever owned – no question. Awesome family boat and has been a dream fishing boat for me too!!! There really is something to be said about keeping a boat inside our garage. That has been a really nice feature of it sitting so low on the Ameratrail. We’ve had big boats, little boats, new boats and old boats. Bought ours new on Father’s Day weekend from Family Boating Centers – Tampa – and have used it every weekend since!!!
- Brian Powers, Tampa, FL

Gunner Heard

Hello, my name is Gunner Heard and I live in Tampa, Florida. My wife and I own a 2015 Pathfinder 2200 TRS and absolutely love it. Our pathfinder journey began nearly 15 years ago aboard my best friend’s 2006 pathfinder 2400 tournament edition. He is a fishing guide in Boca Grande, FL, and taught us everything we know about fishing and boating. Through the thousands of hours I logged as a passenger/first mate on his boat, I learned over the years that there is no substitute for high-quality fit and finish on a boat. All boats will have their upsides and downsides but overall a MBG boat will hold their own in every category while checking every box an avid angler could imagine. Our 2200 TRS is EXTREMELY capable. On many occasions I have run the boat out 15-20 miles to the reefs catching permit and cobia in the morning, running back towards land into the passes for the outgoing tide to catch tarpon, then heading to the sandbar for some drinks, and finishing off our day flats fishing/dock fishing for redfish and snook. Not many boats can boast those capabilities and handle such drastic changes in conditions on a single day while maintaining fishability and ride quality. We comfortably fit 6 people on the boat as well as a couple of fish finding pups with no issues! From running the boat on the side of its hull in 8 inches of water in the flats to big water fishing in 140’, this vessel holds its own! We are loyal Pathfinder owners and will always stay true to the brand that has never let us down.
- Gunner Heard, Tampa, FL

Kimberly Dennison
Pathfinder 2005 bay boat from water

I have a 2012 Pathfinder 2400 TRS with a Yamaha 250sho. I am located in central Fl. I absolutely love the boat and its design. I live on a chain of lakes and take the boat out almost Upgraded my 16 Redfisher to a Pathfinder 2005 last February. Kept me sane through quarantined days. Caught a lot of redfish and hunted scallops last summer. Loving life in St Marks, Florida.
- Kimberly Dennison

Matt Murphy

I have a 2012 Pathfinder 2400 TRS with a Yamaha 250sho. I am located in central Fl. I absolutely love the boat and its design. I live on a chain of lakes and take the boat out almost weekly. Whether it is over the west coast to catch redfish, snook, grouper, and tarpon; or on the lakes catching bass with my sons it fits perfectly. The boat is spacious enough to fit the whole family yet handles nimble enough to venture from lake to lake. My son is part of BASS nation jr high school and we use the boat to fish all of his tournaments around the state. This year we have been from Lake Okeechobee to Lake Seminole in Bainbridge Ga fishing the bass tournament trail. The boat itself floats shallow yet takes on rough water like I would have never dreamed. There is more than enough storage to haul everything you can imagine and it all be completely hidden away in the compartments. I love my Pathfinder!
- Matt Murphy Clermont, FL

Kyle Domion

The Pathfinder 2300 HPS is the best all around bay boat I’ve ever owned! whether I’m charging offshore or fishing the flats this boat gets it done both dry fast and comfortable. I chose pathfinder for the customer service and after purchase support. Its a family vibe, and any issues I've had are addressed fast and fixed 1st time around. The family loves the annual owner tournaments and hospitality!!!!
- Kyle Domion, Bradenton Fl

Dylan Lormand
Pathfinder bay boat with snapper on board

I’ve been in my 2400 TRS for about a year now and couldn’t be happier with it! From running the marshes of south Louisiana to running 30-40 miles offshore catching red snapper. It is a fast, dry, and very durable boat. It is a great family boat and a fishing machine! Looking forward to many years of family fun and catching fish.
- Dylan Lormand

Geoffrey Page
Dad holding daughters redfish on Pathfinder 2600 HPS.

I’ve been running Hewes and Maverick flats boats and Pathfinder bay boats my entire career. From 2006 until 2010 I pretty much ran the 22 tournament edition but in 2011 when the 23HPS came out I began to run that boat and it wasn’t long after that Captain Rick Murphy was running the same boat and because of all our tournament success in the Redfish tournaments a lot of other people followed suit!! What I like about the 23 over all the other models is it will ride through the chop really well thanks to the step in the hull and it will also float shallow, all while having plenty of room to take three or even four customers out!! Matched up with a Yamaha SH0250 four-stroke and you’ve got the perfect West Central Florida bay boat!!! Thanks, MBG !!!
- Capt. Geoffrey Page, Sarasota, FL

Eric Davis
Pathfinder captain profile picture

Where do you go? Where do you fish? What are my options? These are all things that either limit you from going or that you have to decide when you go fishing. With the 25 hybrid, those options are always on the table. Doesn't matter if you want to fish the flats, fish the mangroves, the spoil islands, the inlets, the beach or offshore, you have the ability to do that with the 25. The versatility of the boat seems almost endless. Tons of room to maneuver around the boat while your fighting that fish, tons of room to store whatever tackle you might need, this boat seems to have at all. Maverick Boat Group has hit the nail on the head and has raised the bar when they came out with the 25 hybrid. Take a ride on one, and you will see for yourself, why this boat is so sought after by recreational anglers and charter captains all over the country.
- Capt Eric Davis - Vero Beach, FL

Jessy Berry
Pathfinder captain with sailfish

I fish off the 2200 tournament series pathfinder for my charter business, Tighten Up Fishing, out of Stuart, Florida. This bay boat proved over and over again that it is a one of a kind boat. In my region, it’s all about getting to the fish and not being held back from your surroundings. The 22’ pathfinder has no limits. I can catch myself on some days less than 9” of water, and the next day, be running 30+ miles offshore in 1,500’ looking for swords. I can promise you that we have taken this boat out through some really wicked days of weather. Seeing the inlet stacking up to 3-5 ft during late fall and winter is normal. No doubt, we are going to send it, and that’s with all three live wells completely full. Side note, the live wells handle all variety of baits. I can blacken my wells with even the softest of baits and have confidence that they’ll be fine throughout the day. It’s starting to be normal for the big offshore boats to see my pathfinder flying around spot to spot. It doesn’t matter how rough it is, once we set up fishing upwind and up-current, for a solid drift, it’s as if you were fishing out of a big cockpit. We stay dry, we stay safe, and we stay tight.
- Capt. Jessy Berry, Port St. Lucie, FL

Jordan Todd
Pathfinder bay boat with anglers with redfish

In my area of the NW panhandle of Florida, we have to be versatile throughout the year. Whether it’s bay and flats fishing, beach fishing, or nearshore and offshore fishing, the 25 Hybrid allows me to do all of it with ease and comfort. This boat allows me to catch redfish, trout, tarpon, tripletail, and turn right around and run 20-30 miles offshore for snapper, grouper, mackerel and others in between, all in a days work. The ride is super comfortable, dry and all my clients have raved about how well it handles in rougher seas. The build and finish on all pathfinders is top-notch, clean, and extremely durable. I honestly don’t see myself ever guiding out of another boat.
- Jordan Todd, Port Saint Joe, FL

Peter Brown
image of man holding fish off the side of a boat

In 26 years of guiding I’ve learned that not all boats are created equal. I need a boat that can do it all in the same day, from fishing shallow bays and rivers to running choppy inlets to offshore reefs. The 2500 Hybrid has the range, speed and ride that allow me to get it done with utmost confidence. Exceptional build quality and unmatched performance make the 2500 the most capable bay boat for this area.
- Capt. Peter Brown, Charleston, SC

Tommy Derringer
Pathfinder bay boat running fast with step hull shown

After guiding full-time for more than 15 years and constantly searching for the perfect all-around boat for the inshore and nearshore fishing we do here in Florida, I’ve found it. The Pathfinder 2300 not only excels in super shallow water but also handles choppy conditions and ocean fishing exceptionally well. My clients consistently comment on how comfortable the boat is to ride and fish out of. On a personal level, I wouldn’t want to fish out of anything else while competing in the professional redfish tours. A combination of speed, draft, range, and overall fishability make it the perfect redfish tournament boat. If you know me at all, you know how particular I am about using only the finest-quality tackle and equipment for myself and my clients, and the Pathfinder fits that to a T. Not only is it one of the most badass-looking bay boats out there, but the fit and finish are absolutely top-notch. Dry hatches are extremely dry and the livewell systems are the best in the business, making this an exceptional boat for the lure or bait fisherman. If you’ve never been on a Pathfinder bay boat, you owe it to yourself to take one on a test drive. You will easily see why Pathfinder makes the #1 bay boat in the world.
- Capt. Tommy Derringer, Saint Augustine, FL

Andrew Bosetti
Pathfinder bay boat with angler with tilefish

I have been a Pathfinder customer for several years now and currently have a 2500 Hybrid. I could not think of a more versatile boat for any application on the east coast. From sight fishing pompano on the inshore flats, or live baiting for snook; to bottom fishing and deep offshore runs on flat summer days or even swordfishing, just about every species can be targeted with ease. I originally started with a 2200TE and could not think of a better boat to fit my needs, until the 2500 Hybrid was released. MBG has always been a great innovative company by always working with the customer’s needs and I look forward to the next best fishing platform they come out with.
- Andrew Bosetti, Vero Beach, Florida

Jay Withers
Pathfinder bay boat captain portrait

As a full-time guide for nearly 20 years, I’ve come to depend on my Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid day in and day out. The attention to detail on the layout of the Pathfinder 25 Hybrid is incredible. Points like storage, ride, and fish ability make this bay boat rise to the top. I absolutely love the flexibility to run offshore in the morning and finish off the day inshore on the flats. In my opinion, Versatility is key.
- Jay Withers, Charlotte Harbor, FL

Rick Murphy
Pathfinder bay boat anglers holding big tuna on board

I started with Hewes Boats in 1987 and to my great fortune, Scott Deal purchased that brand from Bob Hewes in the early 1990s. I was there in the beginning when the Pathfinder Boat Company was started. And to be truthful, the all-time Redbone record is held by what was the first 17’ Pathfinder Tunnel. In two days, we caught 5 bonefish and 60 redfish, of which 48 of the redfish were caught on fly which is the highest score ever in the Redbone. I cannot think of a better way to launch a new brand than with a championship. In 2012, I got my first 23’ Pathfinder HPS with a Yamaha 250 SHO and it changed backcountry fishing in the Florida Keys, as we know it today. When a boat floats on 10 inches of water with no water in the live well and does 60+ mph with 3 guys and equipment, it does not take long to run from the popular destinations of Florida Keys into the backcountry of the Everglades. Today, I still run a 23’ Pathfinder HPS with that same Yamaha 250 SHO. It is the boat that I choose to guide out of and to film most of the Sportsman’s Adventures episodes. In my opinion, it is the best all-around boat to guide out of inshore. Many of the 143 tournament titles that I have won, were in a Hewes, Maverick, or Pathfinder. I have been there since Day 1 and I hope to finish my career in those brands. Tight lines and good fishing.
- Rick Murphy, Homestead, Florida

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