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Angler Driven

Pathfinder’s slogan is Angler Driven which really describes our Pathfinder owners. Many are hard-core anglers who spend their time pursuing all kinds of gamefish in all sorts of locations. From the Florida Keys to the New England shore. From the oil rigs of Louisiana to the Spartina banks of the Carolinas. Pathfinder owners are anywhere you will find fish.

The best part of owning a Pathfinder is the idea of simply jumping in the boat and getting “out” there for a couple of hours. Others plan the entire family’s recreation options around trips on our boats. For some owners their Pathfinder is not only a fishing boat, it is a dive boat, ski boat and an exploration boat as well.

What most of these owners have in common is an unbridled passion about their boats. It is a pride of ownership returning to the dock at the end of the day, dry and comfortable. With all the incredible options and models available, Pathfinder owners have the ability to “trick out” their boats with a lot of personal customization features. Most are happy to share their experiences regarding customizing their boats, especially at one of the Pathfinder “fun” tournaments. Nationwide, on any given day there are more anglers and their families enjoying their Pathfinders than any other dedicated bay boat manufacturer.

Considering a bay boat purchase without wet testing a Pathfinder is a serious mistake. At Pathfinder we are always looking to grow our family. So grab a rod and climb aboard.
Pathfinder. We are first and foremost Angler Driven.

Owners’ Manuals

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the proper anchor size for my Pathfinder? What is the proper anchor size for my Pathfinder?

The anchor lockers in the Pathfinders are designed to accept fluke style anchors. Some recommended anchors by boat model are:

Boat Model(s) :2005 TRS, 2200 TRS, 2200 TE, 2300 HPS and 2400 TRS –

       Boat Model: 2500 Hybrid

  • Lewmar, 8lb traditional Fluke Anchor, model # HKG-S8

Boat Model(s): 2600 TRS and 2600 HPS

  • Fortress FX-7
  • Marpac, Slip Ring Anchor, Size # 10

It is important to understand for that anchors to function properly that they must be coupled with the appropriate amount of the correctly weighted chain and enough line to provide the proper scope for holding depending on the water depth and current. The above anchors can be bought in kits with the chain and rope included. It is also advised to consult your local Pathfinder dealer to make sure that you are using the correct anchor setup for your intended application.

What is the best prop for my model/ engine size combination?What is the best prop for my model/ engine size combination?

The proper prop size for your Pathfinder depends on how you have your boat configured (options and weight) relative to your engine size. New Pathfinders will be paired with the proper prop size and style for best overall performance by the selling dealer.  When available Pathfinder and Yamaha provide guidance on best overall prop selection by model and engine package via Yamaha’s Performance Bulletins, found on the model pages of this website under “Performance” and at Yamaha’s site, https://yamahaoutboards.com/en-us/home/outboards/xto-offshore/v8-5-6l/xf425/pb3_cnd_39st_tr_xf425_5-9-18_occ.

Please keep in mind that boat performance is highly dependent on how the boat is configured ( top or no top, number of batteries, etc.), variable load (number of passengers, livewells empty or full, weight distribution, fuel on board, etc.), how the boat is operated ( proper use of engine trim and trim tabs), and the condition of the prop. If your boat is not performing in near accordance with the numbers seen on the corresponding boat and engine model performance bulletin, the first step is to determine your prop size. That should be included on the original paperwork from the selling dealer. If you don’t have that or feel like the prop is not the original prop, you should be able to determine the prop size and model by looking for the model code on the prop. This will be stamped on the throat of the prop or inside the open end of the prop. The larger of the two numbers in the code will typically be the pitch size. If the prop model and size match the model number on the performance bulletin, you should next compare how your boat is configured and your load relative to the boat in the bulletin. Obviously, if your boat is heavier due to load and added accessories than the test boat, then it will likely be slower and have lower fuel efficiency than stated in the bulletin. If you still feel that your boat is underperforming, a new prop of the same size or a different sized prop that better matches how you have your boat configured might be in order.

There are a number of excellent resources online for helping you to choose the correct prop for your boat, including this one from Yamaha, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJr-_aeIgUw. Your local Pathfinder dealer is also a good source for helping you determine the prop that’s right for you.

Where can I buy a trailer for my boat?Where can I buy a trailer for my boat?

Pathfinder Boats partners with Ameratrail Trailers, http://www.ameratrail.com/, arguably the best trailers in the business. New trailers and replacement parts can be purchased directly from Ameratrail.

If I have an older Pathfinder, where do I get replacement cushions?If I have an older Pathfinder, where do I get replacement cushions?

The best and quickest source for replacement cushions would be through a canvas/upholstery shop in your area. Your local Pathfinder dealer would be a good source for recommendations in your area.

Where can I buy a cover for my boat?Where can I buy a cover for my boat?

Due to all the variations in options configurations, Pathfinder Boats does not offer boat covers. It is recommended to use a canvas shop in your area so that they can pattern and build a cover to the exact specifications of your boat and its optional content.

What is the best size trolling motor for my Pathfinder?What is the best size trolling motor for my Pathfinder?

Your Pathfinder comes pre-wired for a trolling motor standard and also comes with backing plates that are laminated into the bow for trolling motor mounting. A 60” shaft trolling motor should work for most all applications for all Pathfinder models excepting for the 2700 Open, where an 84” shaft is recommended because of its taller bow. The 2005 TRS, 2200 TRS and 2200 TE are pre-wired with a 24-volt system (2 trolling motor batteries) and perform well with an 80lbs thrust trolling motor in the large majority of conditions. The 2300 HPS, 2400 TRS, 2500 Hybrid, 2600 HPS, 2600 TRS and 2700 Hybrid are pre-wired with a 36- volt system (3 trolling motor batteries) to accept trolling motors with over 100 lbs of thrust. It is advised to have your local Pathfinder dealer install your chosen trolling motor. However, if you plan on installing the trolling motor yourself you can find diagrams showing the trolling motor wiring and the location and size of the backing plates in your model’s owner’s manual along with basic mounting instructions.

Is speaker wire already run on my Pathfinder?Is speaker wire already run on my Pathfinder?

Yes, speaker wire comes standard on your Pathfinder is run to designated speaking mounting locations depending on your boat model. These locations and a wiring diagram can be found in your model’s Owner’s Manual.

What size coolers fit on my Pathfinder?What size coolers fit on my Pathfinder?

We recommend the Engle 50 qt cooler for in front of the console and the Engle 80 qt cooler under the leaning post. Pathfinder branded coolers are printed and shipped directly by Engel coolers. They take an average of 1 week to print and ship. They can be purchased here: https://mbggear.com/pathfinder/.

What if I want to mount a Power Pole(s) after the fact?What if I want to mount a Power Pole(s) after the fact?

The 2005 TRS, 2200 TRS, 2200 TE, and 2400 TRS come with an 8 X 8 plate laminated into the transom on the starboard side for Power Pole mounting. It is advised to drill and tap the plate to accept the Power Pole hardware and use Power Pole’s mounting instructions. The location of the plate can be found in your Pathfinder’s Owner’s Manual. If you have a 2300 HPS, 2500 HPS, 2600 HPS, 2600 TRS or 2700 Open, you can mount the Power Pole(s) to the Atlas jackplate utilizing the Power Pole bracket(s) part number PKB-S-5-4 – P (port) or S (starboard) per Power Pole’s mounting instructions.

What is the best way to care for and maintain my upholstery and canvas? What is the best way to care for and maintain my upholstery and canvas?

Please reference this PDF for instructions on how to care for your upholstery and canvas.

Upcoming Boat Shows and Owner Events

South West Owner's Tournament

South West Owner’s Tournament

June 21 & 22, 2024

Location: Tarpon Lodge
13771 Waterfront Dr, Bokeelia, FL 33922

FL Keys Owner's Tournament

FL Keys Owner’s Tournament

9/19 – 9/21

Location: Hawks Cay Resort